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They wrote famous songs about this word, which in the South is written more or less the same everywhere but is not pronounced the same way even between neighboring municipalities.

Assaje , however, cannot be explained. You have to live it. How to make it clear to those who have not been there of that time that the table was so full that there was no place for plates to eat …?

We all seek it, our assaje , and we find it in the purest moments.

Assaje by Tenuta Manelli is a package with everything you could want, and something else: all our oils , with a Pumo bottle limited edition, collectible. Our best pickles, chickpeas, pasta, taralli, a wonderful tomato sauce. And a note of unmissable sweetness with the typical Spooned Figs, from Aubergines to Split Artichokes


Assaje , contains: Cima di Melfi and Cellina di Nardò BIO EVO oils, Tomato Sauce, Aubergines in Fillets in Oils, Split Artichokes and Chickpeas from Puglia, orecchiette, taralli.

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