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Elegant Handmade Ceramic Puma Cruet

A special memento for your special day

Gift idea, wedding favour, ornamental object: Tenuta Manelli’s handcrafted ceramic Pumo cruet gives a touch of originality and elegance to your ceremonies and to the rooms in which it is displayed.

In Apulia, the Pumo is a traditional decorative ceramic object, its Latin name meaning ‘fruit’ in honour of the goddess Pomona, protector of fruit in ancient Rome.

Surrounded by acanthus leaves, it represents a flower bud about to bloom and is a symbol of abundance and fertility, an omen of good luck.


From the Master Ceramists of Grottaglie


Choose colour, collection, texts

Organic Oil

Contains 100% Apulian organic oil

4 Formats

Available from 100ml up to 1 litre

Apulian handmade ceramic Pumo cruet from Grottaglie

Available in different sizes, from 100ml to 1 litre, and in different customisable colours.

Contains 100% Apulian organic extra virgin olive oil

Take it as a gift idea, favour, decoration object!

Our Pumo Favours

The Pumo cruet
is a patent of Tenuta Manelli

Made of Grottaglie ceramic, a product recognised for its style and quality craftsmanship, Tenuta Manelli’s Pumo cruet can be customised in colour, text, names, dates or logos to be placed on the front or under the base.

A versatile object that goes from the kitchen to the living room with elegance.