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Primitivo and Verdeca: two indigenous grape varieties of the Salento tradition

Red, rosé and white, for a complete range of organic wines

Tenuta Manelli’s vineyards lie in locations with rich, clayey soils, particularly suited to high quality production, where Primitivo in particular expresses itself with particular elegance and personality.

Cultivated according to organic farming rules, the young and older vineyards are set up to achieve low yields and ensure concentration and freshness.

A skilful selection of the best grapes and harvesting in boxes guarantees grapes in top form to be brought to the cellar and transformed into authentic, vital wines.

A red primitivo for character and a rosé of primitivo according to tradition, combine with a verdeca white of great freshness and drinkability.

IGT wines

Typical of the Territory


Respect for the land and vines


Consumer protection

Rights and Work

No sustainability without rights

Wines rich in elegance and drinkability

We enhance the most authentic characteristics of the Salento grape varieties, respecting tradition, the land and the environment.

Primitivo, Verdeca and Primitivo rosé, according to Salento tradition