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Cellina di Nardò - Slow Food Presidium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml bottle

Cellina di Nardò - Slow Food Presidium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml bottle


Tenuta Manelli’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Cellina di Nardò is the ideal condiment to enhance raw fish, carpaccio and white meat dishes, and makes tasty green salads or artichoke dishes. This oil is a Slow Food Presidium

500ml bottle


Narrative Label
The narrative label is a Slow Food project and tells about the product, who produces it and the entire supply chain.

The almost 10-hectare olive grove with about 500 century-old trees of the Cellina di Nardò variety – is located at an average of 140 metres above sea level. The area is flat, the climate is mild and the soil is clayey.


The soil is fertilised every two years with organic fertiliser. Green manure with field beans is practised. Wild grasses and pruning residues are chopped up and left in the field to enrich the soil with organic substance and limit water loss from the soil. Irrigation is not practised, and products permitted in organic farming are used to control diseases and pests.


The collection
Starting in the second ten days of October, when the drupes reach about 70 per cent of veraison (the beginning of ripening marked by colour change), harvesting begins using facilitators that cause the olives to fall onto nets lying on the ground. Immediately, the olives are picked by hand, placed in boxes and transported to the mill.


It takes place within 3 hours of harvesting at the Oleificio Ligorio oil mill in Ceglie Messapica, about 15 kilometres from the olive groves. The olives, once washed, are crushed and the resulting paste is grained and passed through the two-stage decanter. This is followed by the action of the centrifugal separator from which the oil is filtered.


Storage and packaging
Stored in stainless steel containers, under a nitrogen blanket that counteracts oxidation, Tenuta Manelli’s organic extra virgin olive oil is then ready to be bottled in dark glass or packaged in tins.


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